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Bedtime Stories for the Modern Baby - Repost

Another repost, this time from August 11, 2015. And remember, you can check out my old blog, Sister Kristen Wants a Baby, to read about my journey to becoming a single mom to twins.

I’ve always talked to my babies. Since they were born, we’ve had entire conversations. Granted, they can seem a bit one-sided at times, but I figure they’ll catch up eventually (or I’ll catch up with them – one or the other!). We also read books on occasion. I plan to read more to them as they get older (and we have an amazing library all ready to go), but let’s face it, they’re not following the story right now, and engaging with two eight-month-olds at once, while looking at a book, is kind of tough. I find it more effective to sit in front of them and play and talk right now.

That said, we have read some books at bedtime, and not long ago, while at my lake house, I found myself making up my first bedtime story. The room was pitch black and they were already having trouble falling asleep – I wasn’t going to make it worse by turning on a light to read a book!

I’ve transcribed the story below, and I think it reflects pretty well on the personalities of both my girls – and their mother! Enjoy!
“Once upon a time there were two little princesses (wait, why do they have to be princesses? Ok, fine, they're princesses). The two little princesses, Princess Jocelyn and Princess Hayden, were bored with sitting in their castle, so they decided that it was time for an adventure. While no one was looking, they left the nursery, escaped the castle through the back door, and headed for the forest.

They danced along happily in the forest for several minutes until they heard two voices calling for help. Following the voices, they soon came to a clearing. The first things they saw were two beautiful horsies, with huge feathery wings. Magical though the horsies might be, the two little princesses didn't think that they had been the ones to call for help.

Soon they heard the voices again and they realized that they were coming from a ditch at the side of the clearing. Peering down into the ditch, they saw two boys at the bottom. They thought they might be princes, but they couldn't be sure, what with all the dirt all over them.

When the boys saw the princesses, they called to them, "Get help! We've fallen off our horses and we can't get out of this ditch!"

Princess Hayden knew exactly what to do. She spun her bib around to its proper cape position and started forward, crying, "Don't worry! We'll save you!"

The boys laughed and Princess Hayden stopped short. "You can't save us!” the boys said. “You're just little girls! We're supposed to save you!"

Princess Jocelyn could see that Princess Hayden was about to work herself up to a full Category 5 Hurricane, so she crawled forward and pulled her sister back. She turned calmly to the boys and gave them her best Resting Baby Bitch Face. "OK, then," she said smoothly. "You stay there. We're going to take your horsies and go have adventures. Bye-bye."

At first Princess Hayden had been upset that her sister had not let her go full Hurricane, but now she laughed and waved (she had just learned to wave) to the boys. Then she followed Princess Jocelyn to the horsies and quickly mounted. She left her bib in cape mode because, after all, it looked so much better that way.

The horsies were very happy to be with the little Princesses now (boys were so, well, boyish!). They promised to take them on all the adventures they wanted. So off the Princesses flew on the backs of their horsies - first stop, the magical city of London!”

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Princess Jocelyn and Princess Hayden, if, that is, Queen Mommy survives the adventure in London!